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“Mark Freeland’s Version”

     After school in 11th grade, Kent Weber and I were geting ready for a concert. Mott The Hoople, The New York Dolls, and a yet  unknown Aerosmith were playing and we had front row seats. Then my friend Jamie Moses called on the  phone asking if I wanted to party with the Dolls.
     We raced to the Holiday Inn, all dressed in the camped out glitter statement of the moment. The hour I spent with the Dolls that day changed my life. At three in the afternoon, I drank, at the age of 16, from a Bali Hai wine bottle that was one half warm wine, and one half Johhny Thunder's scrock.
     I had made a Halloween Pumpkin, which was just a few days away, with a big red tongue, and went to give it to David Johannsen, when the road manager said, why dont you give it to him on stage? I did.
     Here's the picture. It was magical, I have a Picture Perfect  memory of everything. The concert was great. The as if in slow motion, Johnny Thunder took the pumpkin, with both hands, (as you couldn't use the stem, it had been cut out for a candle) and threw it so high in the air that the decent onto David Johannsen's back and shoulders was agony.
     After the show they wanted to party, but my parents picked me up, after all, I was only 16.

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