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“Urban Legand Version”

   A gig in Rochester in upstate New York was followed on October 17 by a date at Kleinhans in Buffalo, where the venue owners had entered early into the spirit of Halloween, as did the Dolls’ lead guitarist and front man. Sylvain: “I thought everything was going groovy on the tour until this one incident, but we were beginning to feel the pressure of being together every night. The stage had been dressed with a few carved pumpkins the were lit up from inside with candles. There was one right in front of Jerry’s beautiful pink drums. Johhny was a little out of it, he’d got hold of some speed and he and David had a spat over it. It wasn’t a particularly good night. Sometimes the Dolls had their moments, other times they didn’t, but it was only their spirits that brought them down. The magic of it being one unit, when we all wanted to play together as equals was when it gelled, but when we weren’t feeling like that, it affected the performance. Johnny had finally told David he could cool it with his ego and that he wanted room to sing some songs. So they were already pissed off with each other anyway, when we went on stage. Johhny was facing Jerry. That whole night as far as I can remember, he played to Jerry, the he grabbed the pumpkin that was on the drum riser, swung it round by the stem and threw it up in the air, but he was still looking at Jerry, he didn’t really know where he was throwing it. David was at the front, center stage, looking at the audience and the worst fucking thing happened... the damn pumpkin landed on David’s head and smashed all over him, all over his beautiful little silk chemise, while he was doing his ‘Do you think that you can make it with Frankenstein’ thing. SPLATT! He got so fucking pissed.”

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